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About company

"Kupresak" company from Laktasi has been producing aluminium and PVC doors and windows since 1986 and by the time they improved their technology and involved new producing programs. The company is doing business by international standards which are confirmed by quality certificate ISO 9001:2000.

Production is maintained in its own production machinery in Laktasi (in industrial zone in Jakupovci), and by owning modern equipment and machinery for producing aluminium and PVC joinery, company can fulfill the most demanding requests of market. In the last 33 years our doors and windows were built in many buildings across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.

Product range:
- PVC windows and doors
- Aluminum windows and doors
- Structural and semi structural facades
- Winter gardens with arc-opening possibility
- Fences and gates
- Section doors
- Kiosk
- Canopies
- Glass gardens

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